Thursday, 28 June 2012

Help Needed!

Hi everyone,

for those of you who are more experienced at blogging, how on earth do i take part in other blogs challenges and link it to my post or add their banner to my blog.

I expect it is really simple but all the instructions i come across may as well be written in a foreign language for all i understand them...

Thanks for any help or advice

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  1. Hiya Jo.I`ll try and
    I have a book which i list the challenges i want to enter in,
    First your need to write out your blog post as normal, adding the list of the challenges you are entering ( you can always look at other peoples blogs to see how they write theirs out)
    When you have typed out the list you need to link them to the challenges.
    You add your links before you publish your post.
    1.highlight the challenge name you have typed(ie papertake weekly) by left clicking on your mouse/pad and drag across which will highlight the challenge name.
    once you have highlighted the word click on the little LINK icon/word at the top of your blog post box.(same place where you photo upload option is)
    This will open up a window where you will need to add the url of the challenge (i.e people open the challenge up in a new window and copy and paste the address in to the link box.
    Once you have added the link, you can click test this link to see if you`ve done it right and then just press ok.
    you will need to do this with all the different challenges you are entering.
    once you created your links and finished your post publish as normal.
    Now once you have published your post, view you blog and click on the title of your blog post.this will bring up your blog post address in the address bar.
    highlight the address and copy or cut it.
    Now when you click on the challenges you have entered you will be taken to the chosen challenge where you will need to enter you name and link, the link is the one with your blog post address which you can then just paste in.
    i hope this helps. once you`ve done it, it will sound a lot less complicated.
    good luck.

    xx coops xx